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Any updates on the project? I'm sure there are thousands of people out there who are just as excited about this as me

Hey guys, sorry didnt see it in September..Basically there are a few updates.One i can not tell you about until game release, or until i get told i can tell you... [its a good un ]We are still working on it, all be it slowly due to all of the team starting university at the same time all across England... BUT never the less we are still working on it! Hopefully you will see our first track within the next couple of months. It also has something to do with the first update i cant tell you about Just hold on in there edit: forgot about a 3rd update, we have all bike sounds. In the end we only needed one Luckily our sound engineer knows what he is doing. No use in you hearing it until we have a visual of a bike going through the gears...

so when now is the forcasted time for the initial release?i'm bursting to see thisits good having proper ethusiasts working on such an important task

sounds cool mate ..i got loads off games here if you need bike game i ever played ea - superbike grafix .and modeling ..spend most of my time on-line gameing ...if i can help in any way ..please ask m8 ....

a good game is ea's superbike 2000..i can throw you copy if you need to get some ideas are what ...dave


Out? Like Lawman?

Where can i download this game ?

What the HELL? I almost pucked my stomach out! Anyway, dying to see this game ready-to-play!!!!

Goddamn it! That's soooo gross xD How's the game going? ^_^

When is this project ready ?? ^_^

the track that they make once a year in reno for the ama championship would be an awesome ride

Well, I putting my hopes on this game down... I have to admit, I was pretty enthusiastic, but it has been over an year and still, no game... Starting to feel sad... THERE'S NO SUPERMOTO GAME OUT THERE!!!! I want to play supermoto... come onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

If Flux even still alive?

The games going to be in PS2 format.

when the game comes out, it's 2011 and the ps4 is on earth (H)

Its 2011 and no sp4 on earth ;PWill this game ever come out Would nice to playyy.

Thanks dude


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