Mercedes 308D Van for sale or swap. £450

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Mercedes 308D Van for sale or swap. £450

Just got the call that the Big Red Bus passed the HGV MOT no probs, this means my trusty old Big Blue Bus will have to go. £450 gets it or swap anything interesting to the same value.

Here'sthe spiel from RGubbolis thread.....

It's a H Reg Mercedes 308D with high top, it used to be a minibus so is fitted out with a proper floor, dark tinted side windows and interior roof lining. It's got 146,000 miles on the clock and starts on the button every time, even after 2 months of not being used, it starts easily and runs very well. Not fast at all, not like modern vans like the Iveco turbo but enough to hold 60mph pretty much everywhere. It's used no oil in the time I've had it and has been totally reliable with the exception of a blockage in the filler cap which led to fuel starvation, I just removed the rubber ring round the cap to let some air into the tank. It's fitted out with a work surface (full size sink and a hole for a gas hob, and some basic shelving below it. I'm keeping the gas hob and the drinking water pump. The only reason I put this stuff in is that to insure a campervan is MUCH cheaper than insuring a van, like £600 cheaper. It had 4 new tyres about 3000 miles ago, a new fuel filter at the same time, it had a pop up air vent in the roof and one of those spinny round things that remove stale air. It's a lovely van for driving long distances as long as you give yourself some time to get there, power steering too. There is minimal rust, a bit round the area under the windscreen but not in an awkward area to get to to fix, and a little bit on the end caps that the coachbuilders used when they converted it to a minibus. It has a side door that is presently rivetted up to stop pikeys and losers from trying to get in and I have put epoxy resin over the passenger door handle for the same reason, this door can only be opened from the inside. There is no external handle on the rear doors either. I love Ilford

Ok, here's the bad stuff and I'll be totally honest.

1) The radiator is partially blocked which means on hot days on a long run and usually when in top gear going up hill, you need to switch the internal heater on to keep the temperature down. I'm 99% sure it's NOT the head gasket because turning the heater on brings the temperature down and there's no pressurisation of the cooling system at all and no mayonnaise in the oil.

2) The brakes need to be adjusted so it brakes in a straight line, I replaced the rear shoes and it passed an MOT with just a comment about an imbalance in the rear brakes, I get used to it but I'd suggest any new owner should get them sorted, braking suddenly from 60mph can be REALLY life affirming

3) The gearbox is fine, no noises or whining BUT second gear needs to be selected when the revs have dropped a bit, so rushing through the box will result in a crunch, just take your time and it'll drop right in and stay there till you move up. I hear this is a common Merc trait.

4) Both rear bumpers have been removed by idiot drivers where I live. There is panel damage on one side but nothing structural, and the quarter bumper on the other side has just been pinged off.

I can take pictures if you are still interested, like all my sales, I am as honest and frank as I can be, if you find any other defects it'll be defects that I'm unaware of. There are LOTS of rusty old sheds going for the same money, what I have here is a good solid Merc van with plenty of life left in it that can be made 100% by someone with a little time. It has MOT and Tax as well, not sure how much though. Passed the last MOT no probs except for the comment about the brakes.


One of them is here. Man on ladder not included.

your 308D

hi , where in uk are you ? i have a g reg , have just had my side window and wing mirrors stolen.... been quoted $300 to replace window... maybe should get new van ? i'm in devon..lizi

i couldn't access the pics

i couldn't access the pics could you send me some ?

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