Ktm 660 -04 no TDC click

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Ktm 660 -04 no TDC click

Hi there!
My first post on this forum, se be gentle! ;)

I recently bought a used KTM 660 smc -04, and I'm just wondering if you guys got any idea why my bike does not have the usual TDC click?

Listen at this guys bike, like most of the other 660, 625 and 640... Like 32 sec in: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xNPMUd9OH58
It's a quite distinct click, and my bike really does not have it. I have not yet been able to start it with the kickstart, only roll start it from a hill. It really does run great WHEN it starts. Im thinking it might have something to do with the missing TDC click? I have previous experience from kicking honda xr650, and i have ninja-kicked that bike for about, real numbers here, over 150-200 times. NO LIFE. Not even a fart from it. But when i roll start it starts easy.

How i know I'm in TDC:
Decomp lever in and kick it just a little. Then ''raw'' kick it until it can't move to more = TDC. That is when i want that click...

So... anyone ever heard of a missing TDC click in these LC4? And if, what is wrong? :/

Kind regards,