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Isabel Marant Sale the opportunity

Fashion has a special place in its heart for sartorial prodigies. The success stories of media darlings like Jack and Lazaro, Karlie Kloss, and Tavi prove that the elusive combination of ambition, talent, and luck can create industry legends. But for every account of the sudden sensation, there\u2019s at least one more that tells a lengthier, less-than-straightforward tale. Read on for a look at these four stylish movers-and-shakers and the unconventional paths they took that got them where they are now.

What were you doing before you got into beauty? Where do you work now?
\n\"I went to college at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore. While I was there, I was premed, and I never thought I would end up in magazines. I\u2019m a first generation American. My parents are from Taiwan and China. But, I wanted a change of scene, I guess, so I spent the summer between my junior and senior year interning at Harper\u2019s Bazaar. It was a really eye-opening experience for me. I had always been into health care and nutrition and all that good stuff. I guess I was just shocked that someone could be paid to do these things that I had always considered to be hobbies.


\"When I graduated, I was really ready to work in magazines, but it was around 2001, post 9\/11. The economy was in a tailspin\u2014much like it is right now. When I couldn\u2019t find a magazine job, I took a job at a law firm. My family really values stability, so I thought maybe I\u2019ll go to law school, which is what a lot of people say when they aren\u2019t sure what they want to do. Immediately, I knew it wasn\u2019t for me. I had always kept in touch with every single person I had interned with. Eventually, one of them emailed me and said that she was hiring at Lucky magazine. So I went to work at Lucky in the fashion department as a freelance assistant. I did that for a few weeks, and then actually got a job at Elle. I worked at Elle for almost three years. It was an incredible time\u2014climbing the ladder and learning so much. Then, I got a call from Amy Astley, who asked if I would be interested in coming to work at Teen Vogue. That was seven years ago, and now I\u2019m the Beauty Director at Teen Vogue.\"

At what point did you realize that fashion was more than a hobby?
\n\"Day one at Harper\u2019s. It wasn\u2019t a slow-dawning realization. It was as if someone had smashed me over the head. This is meant to be. This is what you\u2019re meant to be doing. You can\u2019t really know what you want to do until you try it. And so if you\u2019re lucky enough to have Isabel Marant Sale the opportunity to try something\u2014anything\u2014I think you should absolutely take it.