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Word limits

The word limit is infuriating to say the least, and something we've not had before.

Why is it there, and can it be removed?

Furthermore, if not then please set the forum to revert back to the message-posting screen with the text you've just typed still in there. I'm lucky that I always copy anything over 10 lines to clipboard 'just in case' but others have lost long pieces of prose and careful thought and it's demoralising and disheartening to have that happen.


Think there always was a limit but it was nowhere near as small as it is now

There used to be a 5000 character limit from what I remember. I will try and increase the current word limit to something closer to infinite..

There used to be a 5000 character limit from what I remember!swivel usb

As a member of the majority on this forum who suffer from A.D.D. why increase the character limit? 5000 characters are more than enough for the three or four word wankers on this forum.  It gives them the opportunity to change hands. 

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