What bike should I get?

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What bike should I get?

Wondering if anyone out there can help me.

 I have been looking at getting a bike which is cheaper to drive to work and back (60mile round trip) than my car HOWEVER I currently dont have a motorcycle so its got to be fun to ride as well as relatively inexpensive to maintain. I have been doing a bit of research on fuel consumptions on various motorcycles and this is where it gets confusing as there is so much contradiction from 1 site / review to the next.

I have looked at www.motorcyclefuelconsumption.com - and according to this I felt that the sv650 is going to be my best option (would appear that the average consumption depending on the year is approx 5.5litres per 100km / 60miles. Looking further into it, I found a lot of contradiction on this and would appear that I could even go bigger with using less fuel. According to UBG (usedbike guide) sv 650 uses 40mpg and sv 1000 uses 50mpg??? All too confusing - can this be correct? What other options are there?

a hornet 600 will do ya cheap to run with a little bit of poke too.

or a thundercat. Cheap to buy, cheap to run, cheap insurance and quick enough too.

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