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We need a chat

Your in dire need of a moderator my old flower as the spam in the genral section is getting out of control. if its not bad enough having all these adds popping up all over your page, you got the dafty's advertising in nearly every thread.

pull your finger out!!

Kind regards

Richard Aulgustus Bogeye

As thought we are now on a ghost ship.Everyones deserted us...

i think its great, this is what freedom is like

Spam not only spoils threads but it also clogs up important bandwith probably. I have devised an antispam disc that automatically deletes some spam from some threads sometimes and will probably work on some computers. This is a special one off offer that is only available for the next year at an unbelievable price that will go down if no one buys it. Currently I am prepared to give this away for an incredible one off payment of £199 payable in ten equal monthly installments with a balloon at the end. Not only that there is a no quibble no argue money back guarantee. I personally guarantee that there will be no quibbles, no arguments and for sure no money back...Sign up right here and make some spam sometimes on some threads possibly a thing of the past.

Just over 4 days now and no reply?Poor gentleman..... very poor

He has a point... As a forum that is attached to a national mag you would think a prompt response might be a good bit of PR? Spam discs still available too...

can i swap some viagra for a spam disc?

Of course. But only if they come with minutes on a fat bird....

what can we do to get admins attention?

Fat bird, Viagra and an antispam disc isn't enough?

Mevsy wrote (see)

Fat bird, Viagra and an antispam disc isn't enough?

doesnt seem so. we all need to try harder.

perhaps we should leave a message in the oi admin section?

Too simple Hugh.... This is in the  'oi admin' section.... and that hasn't worked.. Maybe talk about bikes? That doesn't happen on here much...

It does worry me the fact this site could have been covered in porn in every section and nobodys been to check in nearly a week. i know a lot of us wouldnt complain about this but isnt that the type of thing that gets sites closed down?

I will pop back in a fortnight just to see the answer on this

with  6 active users, and a spastic, I think they've given up

I keep on top of the spam best I can. I remove 90% of it within an hour of it being posted, block the user and delete their account. Of the remaining spam, the ones I miss, I remove them faster if they're reported. So if you report it, it'll go.If you don't feel something's been acted on and you want to highlight it o me, please drop me a private message, many people do.Thanks, Ben

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