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Sig. Pics

My sig. pics please? When i removed some from my gallery ,i thought this would take them off my sig. but instead it just leaves a big empty box : i did send a message re this but never received a reply  .?? Cheers

click on 'my forum' next to your avatar up there on the left^^^^^^^^scroll down to 'my signature'  and click on 'edit my sig'edit away.HTH  

Cheers Taff but i can,t find the edit button ? When i click on "my forum" then open ,all that shows is "update" ??

When in the "My Signature" section, you should be able to see all the pictures on your sig. Right click on the picture / blank box and select "cut". This will then delete it.

What he said^^^^^.You having a blonde moment or something!

Cheers Loon  ,sorted now . Nah ,not a blonde moment : multi tasking moments  been trying to fix my combi boiler in between doing other bits n bobs (a woman,s work and all that ...

Hi there, I sent a reply to this message as soon as I got it. Glad it's sorted.

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