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It might be useful to have a reviews section for stuff other than bikes so that we can submit our views on clothing and equipment.

If I'm going to buy a bit of kit I always want to read someone else's opinion first and there are often posts in the forums asking for people's views on helmets, leathers, etc. 

A forum doesn't work for reviews because stuff gets lost in time (or spammed ).

A reviews section in the same way that the bike reviews work (%mark for quality, durability, value for money, etc.... ) would be useful.


That is another blindingly good suggestion from AC.  So +1 from me.

If we could get Big Nige to fill up the database with all the kit he's bought over time I reckon VD could have the most encyclopedic knowledge of motorcycle kit on the web.Mind you .... not everything he's bought appears to have been a wise purchase... otherwise he'd be riding an LT.

That's a great idea AC, I'd like to review hand made scones!

You get to do Tank bags....

Yeah I've been asking for kit reviews for a while now. It's something that's in the pipeline.

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