Postcode in classified ads

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Postcode in classified ads

Do I have to put my postcode in an ad ? It seems like an open invitation for the local tealeaf.

Hi there, we just use the first 3 digits of your postcode to give an approximate reference for the mapping software to work from. So you're not giving away your exact location.

I did and it said it wasn't a valid postcode

Postcode are not unique to your addrees.  But better safe than sorry though.  I'd only send it out to someone who seems interested in what is for sale. If your selling a bike it might be an idea to meet them at a mates house, shop etc.  i've used my mates bike shop to sell my bike from before so no thieving scum could check out my house and garage. 

i did and it said it wasn't a valid postcodeswivel usb

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