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I was wondering why there is no motorcycle training forum? I can't seem to find one on the internet anywhere and I feel visordown is somewhat lacking in this area.

I would suggest a topic on training where we can discuss motorcycle training procedures, different types of courses, advice and tips for new bikers and rather importantly the legal side of motorcycle licencing, as this can often be confusing.

It would also be a useful place to discuss issues amongst instructors: compare pupils, get advice on becoming an instructor, test-route secrets etc.

I can see you have a guide to learning to ride and a very interesting topic on advanced motorcycling, but i feel a forum speciffically for motorcycle training would be an improvement to an already excellent site.

As a Cardington Assessed DAS instructor i would be happy to help.

Its called Survival Skills

That's for advanced skills. I don't see much for new bikers and instructors.Just a thought

the sweve on module one is stupid

These forums are dead, as is the magazine

Unfortunately no one wants to start such a forum because there is monies to be made instructing it. so why should it be free on a site.I for one love road safety for bikers and do put info onto forums, nowadays i am  on throttlejockey .  I  maybe be put the questions about the nuances of the vehicle we all love to ride and of other matters that riders seem to give little consequence to but matters that in my opinion if known would make a person a better and safer biker without the adage that one can ride faster, which is what a lot of other training and trainers do. ie u will be safer and u can ride round bends faster etc.I grew up in the 1960's and learned my bike skills on the then only private scheme run by the RAC/ACU. I enjoyed every minute of it and lapped it up.  It was based on SAFETY AND MOSTLY AROUND TOWN.  No belting about the corners on country roads. I have riden numerous bikes since then, over the last 47 yrs.Since then a culture of so called ADVANCED  riding has developed mainly out of commercial interest of the AIM   and other organisations who would wish to make monies out of such training given to the police with refernce to  their Riders Manual.  However to my mind it is flawed in certain respects and can and no doubt does encourage some bad riding habits and dangerous practices in some people.  Maybe more should be considered about attitude and less on other matters.That said maybe someone will no doubt defend the now  holy bible of biking and its contents, at least we may start some form of dialogue at last.  Or maybe not.

Hey guys, Think practical. Consider a Scenario. A guy who is living his/her daily life want to learn to ride then they will search for a best Motorcycle Training Centre and they got it through their search. They get their licence and enjoy riding. Most of them even does not visit forum sites.  I too have learned dance from MTOHP class which has several branches in Ontario, Canada and approved by MTO, Ontario. 

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