Its using more of my computer memory

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Its using more of my computer memory

Its cack, bring back the retro version.

No objection to the adverts but sometimes simple is better! 

and every time i post a thread it throws me back to the home page.

thread links dont work like they didcopy and paste doesn't work?

A chap kindly setup to link directly to the supermoto section.It doesn't work anymore and i'd guess no one let him know? 

Fookin elle this is confusing

The chap who setup was me. I'll redirect it now, thanks.

Good call Ben,  the supermoto section has just arranged the Supermoto British Championships with some things still to iron out. A bit of a critical time right now This forum reminds me of the bikemagic forum but the size and colour needs toning down a little.

Can we have topic previews for each section of the forum please?It used to offer an insight into what topics were being covered and sometimes would tempt me into sections i dont normally visit. 

No option to delete threads nor to delete posts, only to update posts.I need to delete some old threads and there is no option. 

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