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ID Probs

After spening weeks trying I have managed to get back on to VD forums, only to find my name coming up instead of my nickname-EXMANXIE. When i tried to change it back it tells me i can't have it as it is already being used! Tried to change it now to MANXGIRL, to no avail.

Hopefully Admin will pick this up, at a guess you first registered with your own name as thats the data that appears to have been copied over to the new site, as old as it was, rather than the real current data A PM to Admin may not go amiss as well

Hi Manxie.. we've been in email contact and I have sent you a few emails with your login info, so I'm not sure why you're having problems but if you want to drop me a line again, we can run through it again.Thanks, Ben.

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