Double standards

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Double standards

You seem to run your site with a very uneven hand
you ban one member for racist comment where there is none
yet give the BNP facists free reign
I find that quite mind boggling, a joke is one thing, but have you actually
read the threads concerned, they are quite repulsive.
you also have new members posting that they are leaving
your move

+1well said A-I-S!I don't post that often on here but the amount of racist propaganda/diatribe etc. is an offensive joke. It remains on the site for far too long while some regular posters must resort to flaming the OP, while Admin does nothing, ensuring that a good old argument ensues that attracts far too much attention.You are liable in law, should any reports be made to the authorities - BUT DO NOTHING! 

So I will ask the same quest Admin will if and when he see's this thread, have you reported the post? Admin doesn't spend 100% of his time here (unlike some appear to ) so is unlikely to have seen the thread but he (and the other mods) will be notified of a thread being reported

Reporting threads doesn't seem to achieve any results either. The moderation on this board is shocking and  if it doesn't improve then I suspect that the site is going to get into serious trouble. Some of the views posted on here are offensive to the extreme and appear to be being condoned by the complete lack of action from the site.

Jack.I reported a thread a little while ago that was massively offensive, I can't remember if it was porn or racism but it should not have been there.I reported the thread as soon as it appeared as did some other people and it still stayed on the forum for another 3 days (IIRC), it was disgracefull.look at my 'can we please have' thread in this section and you'll see it took Ben 2 weeks to reply to that which says to me he hasn't been on here in the last 2 weeks

If it was reported then I agree its a bit much that you heard nothing back

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