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Destrution - Instructor

Evening Admin,

 Changed my name the weekend (sun) from Instructor to Destruction, however on monday decided to go back to Instructor.

Went into my details and changed my name over and got the messege across the top of the screen in red that my request was waiting Admin check.

Have you checked ? Can i please go back to Instructor ?

come on Admin, please let me go back to Instructor

You only get one change of name, then your stuck with it forever, and ever and ever.HTDH

Why the fk did you change it??

Changing your name is a slippery slope, fella.  Next thing you'll be 'the rider formerly known as instructor'.  Then it'll be a symbol (probably stolen from a chinese takeaway menu).  Then you'll start wearing a face-mask, and demand that no-one looks you in the eye.Actually, the last one won't be so difficult, seeing as you're so bloody tall. I preferred instructor, it had a much manlier ring to it.  Destruction puts me in mind of spotty teenagers competing on 'robot wars'

Come on Admin, wakey wakey i would like my old name back please.No Doof it donesn't help Long story dave Thanks Roebird, trying to go back to Instructor but Admin are being a bit slow perhaps they are really busy.

Thank you Admin

Yippee, and welcome back.

Apologies for taking time..

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