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cant login

hi sorry to bother you

i cant login to my old account so i had to open a new one

my old user name was MAD D



Hello, thanks for your message. You should be able to login with your email address and password. You can re-request your password by following the "Request Password" link.

hi when i try and type me email address in its saying"email address not valid"and wont let me go any furtheri still recieve emails from bugsplat@visordown.comuser name MAD Demail .dselliott2274@btinternet.comcheers MAD D

Hi there, I see no reason why you can't login with the account.

hi still says email address invalid cheers MAD D

Applying to be a Mod, Val?

No, always been a Rocker thanks

Got them new glasses Val?

Yeah got them from spook savers........................cheers they hold just over a ghost of a pint!

Enjoy the odd spirit myself


R1 loon wrote (see)




Valerie wrote (see)

.dselliott2274@btinternet.comadmin lost the first dot????????

hisorry the first address with the . at the start is the wrong one the right one is the second one but its still saying invalid email address when i try and log on cheers MAD D

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