can we please have

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can we please have

a 'go to first unread post' button on the thread listings, it would make navigating the forum a hell of a lot easier.

please please please please. 

We have

only after you've clicked on the thread, then you click the 'go to first unread post'.with a dead slow connection that I have in work in means I have to wait for 2 pages to load instead of onewhat I'm asking for is the button on the list of threads just like almost every other forum and like this one used to have. 

too much to hope for an answer.I cant believe there hasn't been a single mod on here for 3 days. .......Errrr, actually, thinking about it yes I can 

can you please at least humour me with a 'cant do it answer' rather than just ignoring me 

still no answer

R1 loon wrote (see)

We have

Do we?It's well hidden.Can someone point me in the right direction I've been looking for this for ages.  (There appears to be no logic in this forum layout )

Thanks for your suggestions. I'll pass this to the tech guys and let you know if they can add it and if they can, how long it'll take.

thanks for the reply Ben,

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