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BugSplat - Visordown's new weekly newsletter

BugSplat is the name of Visordown's new weekly email newsletter. Visordown has run regular newsletters in the past but BugSplat is a fresh take on newsletters, designed to be different. We'll feature the latest motorcycle news, jokes, competitions and features. The aim of BugSplat is to give you a snapshot of what's going on in biking and on Visordown each week.

The first issue will be sent out today and I welcome your feedback.

I didn't get anything dude. Was it emailed?

Just got it.Hence the server slowdown then...Looks good.

Can I be in the email gang?

Who receives it? Do we have to sign up?

I'm a subscriber and I haven't had an email OR a magazine

Guys, if you didn;t get it, you can check it out here: www.visordown.com/newsletter/20070925/It's sent out to the TWO guys and the Visordown opted-in users.From reading threads on Visordown, I gather a few people got it who were opted-out. I'm looking into that.It's going to be weekly and it will evolve until it reaches a format that you and I think works. Right now I think it's pretty good but maybe it needs more news, or more forum related stuff. Like everything on Visordown; it'll change with your suggestions.

Admin wrote

... I gather a few people got it who were opted-out. I'm looking into that.

Thought it was just a 1st time bug and not worried about it, may say something if stuff keeps arriving though

We've moved all emails onto a new system so if you've opted out from Issue 1, you won't get Issue 2.

Apologies. Most people have been able to unsubscribe but a few have had problems. We're working on a new opt-out and in the mean time, I'll manually remove you.

After 4 goes at opting out, behold it still arrives, this place was a lot better prior to the two involvement

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