Autoplaying videos on the main site - suggestion for improvement

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Autoplaying videos on the main site - suggestion for improvement

Firstly, I much prefer this look of site to the old one - well done to your web team! :-D

Apologies if this is the wrong place to write this. I didn't see anywhere more appropriate.

There's one thing that irritates me about the new site, though. It's the autoplaying videos. If I scroll down a page and back up, I might have four videos playing at the same time. If I want to watch just one, I have to pause all of the others. It regularly happens that I've scrolled a bit too far, I intentionally start one video but then another one is playing somewhere off screen and I'm left wondering why there's extra sound in my video that doesn't seem to fit.

Or if I don't want to watch any of them, I still have to pause them. It puts me off visiting the site, especially at work!

I understand that autoplaying videos help with video view counts for advertisers. But have you done analysis into whether site visits drop with autoplaying videos?

What I'd like to suggest as an improvement is that only one video plays at a time. You could still get your video view figures but when each video is triggered to play, all other players would be told to pause. That should be achievable with a competent developer and JavaScript. And it would be less annoying to us, the users.