tyre target pressures

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tyre target pressures

Just completed my first track day, it was amazing, and couldn't have ask for better weather.  Im hooked!!  I normally ride with 36f 41r tyre pressure, as recommended by the manual (zx6r g) On the day, the advice given was to run with 30f 30r cold, for generic road tyres, I was on Dunlop Sportmax road smart.  If we didn't reduce the pressure, then we'd be having an off later in the day, so i set them to that pressure and had a great day.  

It did have me thinking tho, what pressures should I be aiming for hot on generic road tyres? And why are the pressures equal for a track day (30/30) but for road riding the rear is set 5-6 psi higher (36/41) ??




Tyre gets hotter...air expands....Pressure increases...I would say you  are running too high anyway....

Depends on which tires off course. But I have driven BT s20's, Michelin 2CT's and Michelin Supersports at the track. I use 27.5 at the back and 30.4 at the front. Planning on going slick for the verry first time, after a high-sider two weeks back. 

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