Trackdays: Where are they going and do you care?

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Trackdays: Where are they going and do you care?

What is a trackday?

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But what really is going on? Trackdays used to be a novelty, the fact we - as Joe Public - could pay a few quid, turn up and use the same tarmac as our racing idols use.

Now, more often than not, the paddock is chock full of wannabe racers and club racers, swapping tyre warmers and firing up generators. Joe Public, who just wants to turn up and lap a sorted bit of tarmac tapes up his lights and prepares for the onslaught.

Have the lines between practise sessions for club racers and a nice day out for a biker been blurred?

Do you ever get instruction on a trackday, do you want instruction? Do you feel the instructors are nothing more than clingers-on, who want to buzz everyone at least twice a session to prove their worth, or are they qualified riders who'll help you get the best from your bike?

When you go to a trackday, do you just want a bit of fun, or do you want to find out what you're doing wrong and how you can improve. Does the act of just doing a trackday make you a better rider?

With trackdays getting cheaper and cheaper, is this a reflection of their quality? Are standards going down and if so, would you be prepared to pay more, for better standards and what would you want for your money?

Have you ever been to a trackday where the amount of incidents and poor organisation has meant you've left feeling that you haven't got your money's worth?

There's plenty to answer here, hopefully everyone can add their experiences.

Serious debate welcome.