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trackday insurance

i am looking to do a trackday in spain but have been informed that i need accident cover. can anyone recommend any decent companies that do this?

what sort of price should i be paying?


go to a web page, they're gonna start doing insurance from feb apparently.

Goldfish insurance do a policy that covers hazardous pursuits including trackdays abroad. used them for years. And its cheap.

4 Counties have a policy exactly for this type of thing

I got mines from Tel. 01273-846988.FE recommend 4 counties but after being on hold for more than 5 mins with the most irritation fake voice man I had to hang up lol !It cost me £29 and that covers you for up to 5 days in Europe on track.

Yup, (Interzug) are only £28 for 5 days in Almeria - also covers your repatriation in case you have to come back in an ambulance

2015 update: Worth checking out these too (cover for trackdays included, plus you can upgrade for racing): Or maybe: Fourcounties are recommended but seemt o be a little more expensive for no more cover:

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