Post Silverstone GP review

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Post Silverstone GP review

Right, well I've recovered from an exhausting day at last, it's been both good, bad and a little ugly at times. I didn't start the day off well having had only three hours sleep before being woken at 5am due to a crappy work situation. Sleep deprevation is really not advised for trackdays.

Myself and two friends arrived at the track to be greeted by a very wet circuit and no organisers. We got setup and attended the briefing and was then shown around the track by instructors for a session of sighting, seeing as this was the GP circuit (3.2 miles lap) and the conditions were shitty. Most people there were racers or race-pretenders (i.e. trackbikes, spare wheels with wets on, tyre warmers, big vans and the like), and then there was us three with our road bikes and Super Corsa tyres.. not good.

It had just started to ease off with the rain in the second real session when I started uping the pace a bit, only to be brought back down to earth by the chequered flag.. then two corners late I threw my new K4 down the track after losing the back-end on a slow left-hander, doh! I was refusing to get angry as I walked back to the bike to pick it up, trying to hold back the temptation to think the worse. I tried and failed to lift the bike up as the mud in the grass was too badly soiled for me to get any leverage, so I felt a dummy waiting for the recovery van. Back in the pit garage, the bike looked like a garden had been planted in the side fairing, but after washing it off, it turns out the R&G crash protectors (forks, fairing and swingarm) had COMPLETELY saved the bike from any real damage. I was truely amazed, and very thankful I paid for them.

The engine cover was the worst bit, taking the paint off as it scraped along the tarmac. The spiggot off the footrest sheered straight off as well. A sanding and a lick of paint will have that back to new in no time though, so after drilling the gearshift lever and putting a bolt through it, I was back out on the track getting back into things as the track dried up. By the afternoon, we were really starting to get some heat into the tyres as it was drying up and could start to push it. This track must be insane in the summer, but at this time of year it was only offering a fraction of the fun. Still, this is why it was cheap.

Here's some pictures, and there's some videos from my onboard setup (including crash) coming soon...