North France, Belgium, Holland Track Days - How to book?

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North France, Belgium, Holland Track Days - How to book?

I am interested in experiencing some of the tracks in northern france, belgium, holland and possibly germany. I have searched and found a list of some tracks for example circuit croix in northern france how ever I was wondering what the best way to book these track days were. Are there any companies specialising in it? If anyone has any experience with this please let me know. I have been on the websites for idividual tracks but was hoping there may be a slightly better way to book on. Thanks

I have done three Spa trackdays with this company I cannot fault then. Spa is a track you must do Awesome .

todo circuito .com  

Done Croix.  Not a great circuit to be honest. Try Vals de Viennes.  near Poitiers.  Best track i have ridden bar non. Nogaro isn't bad  

I agree Mikiboy, Val De Vienne is fantastic. I've ridded there a few times, most recently with No Limits, but they don't go there any more. I think you'd need to use a European company now.  If anyone does want to go to Val I highly recommend speaking to / staying with the guys who run Motobreaks. They are both bikers and run a well priced motorcycle orientated B&B nearby. Oh, and they give you free beer ! Is where I go through for Mettet and Zolder. 

These are the ones i use - Mettet - Mettet/Croix - Zolder  

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