My First Trackday Tuition

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My First Trackday Tuition

Yesterday was my first day of track instruction at Cadwell with Focused Events and I had an absolute ball.
I was extremely nervous in the morning, but started to relax as I led the parade laps.

Almost straight away in the second sessions, guys were coming up asking me to follow them and give them advice. I decided to follow them for a couple of laps, then pass them so they could follow me for a lap, then let them past again to see if they were making any progress.
This routine was done a couple of times for each rider and seemed to work. They were all very keen to learn and was almost a pleasure to help them.

And was especially gratifying when they made the effort of coming up to me afterwards and thanking me.
I may not be on race pace anymore, but it is nice to share some of my experience, especially as Cadwell is so technical.

I was also able to give Bilko a few tips, but he already knew Cadwell fairly well.

Moose was amazing. She was easily the fastest rider I saw all day. She is racing there this week and wanted to perfect her laps. She was only slightly out on a couple of corners, and her corner speed was fantastic. I was able to encourage her to brake a bit later

Tazzie learned quickly through the day and she had the usual big sill grin all day.

I took her out in the afternoon to show her the lines, once she had learned where the circuit goes. By the end of she was making the circuit flow and her lap times improved dramatically.

It was so nice to be able to help folk in a sport which I am passionate about.
And even nicer when folk appreciate it

I had to have a 'word' with 3 riders for dodgy riding, but I was polite and they hadn't realised what they were doing wrong, so was sorted amicably

Roll on May 13th at Cadwell