Mid life crisis

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Mid life crisis

Hi all,

So, been on so many car trackdays i'm bored to death of them.

When i was 30 i did my direct access and bought a new 06 R6, had this for a few years, then bought a BMW F800R, these were only weekend bikes and in all honesty probably racked up 5000 miles in total.

I'm 41 now and fancy doing bike trackdays, can't really be arsed with buying one and getting a van/trailer to get it to track so thought i'd just hire them on trackdays.

My question really is with a break of 6 years, not that much experience and being an old boy now, is this a mental idea?

Never been on a bike trackday before, i was thinking of going on a novice day but i don't want to be so slow i'm a danger to others.

Any thoughts? Perhaps i should do a refresher bike course at a local training centre before hitting the track.