making the switch 2t > 4t... instructor required?

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making the switch 2t > 4t... instructor required?

as a lot of you know, i ride a tzr250 on track, wether it be trackdays or racing, and reckon i'm not too bad at it really.... my previous road bike was another 250 2stroke.

i've now got a zxr750 for the road (fed up of kickstarting a bike... ) but haven't yet remembered how to get a 4stroke to go round corners properly! with the 2t's, i'll hurtle towards the corner, wait until i get scared, give it a touch of brake and tip it in. i just haven't managed to make the transgression (is that a word?) of getting a4t to corner right! i can go in nice and smooth, but just cant corner as well as on a 250.

if, and i mean IF i do a trackday on the 750 (which, tbh, i think i need to do to get some confidence on it), i'm not sure what group i would go in on a trackday! i usually sit in the fast group comfortably on the 250, but i'm not fast on the 750. although, i would hope that on a track, i would pick my confidence up quickly. which makes it awkward, cos i know that the first session or 2, i would need to be in the novices, then move up to inters, and if all goes well, back into the fast by the end of the day.

maybe i need an instructor to help spur me along and motivate me with how to ride a 4t?