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First Track Bike

HI everyone


I'm Scotty. I ride out of Dunfermline. I am thinking of buying my first track bike. I am about to close a deal on one and just need some advice from the experts. Can you guys help?


The bike has no V5. I am confident the guy selling is genuine. I have done my homework and he is straight up and well known to everyone at the Knockhill  Circuit so I don't have a trust issue. BUT.


Do I get a V5 put on the bike? Or get a trailer and towbar on the car? (Can't get a van so that's not an option for me)

If I get a V5 I will have to pay for that and I don't know what the cost is. I will have to tax and MOT the bike. I will have to fit a rear light and horn for a daytime MOT. but I would be able to ride it to the circuit.


If I don't get a V5 I will have to get a bike trailer and a tow bar on the car. Its a Vauxhall Insignia. Don't know what type of tow bar to get and what trailer would do. Obviously I don't want to spend daft money on any of that kit. I could easily fit a towbar myself and sort the electrics but just looking for a recommendation.


The bike I'm going for is a GSXR 600 K6 4500 miles. Spare sprockets, pegs, fairings, wheels, wets. All sorts of kit. Been well looked after and has been serviced regularly. Set up by the Garage up at Knockhill (forget the name of it )



Would you guys please give me your thoughts. I would really appreciate it


Bit of a wordy post for my first one. Sorry about that



First comment would be if no V5 prove the bike is his/hers and fully legit  If yes all above board and not stolen or registered as scrap. Get a cheap trailer and tow it there. In your car you can carry spare bits, tools, drinks, sandwiches, friends, you can't do that if you ride it there.

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