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First Timer Questions.



Im looking at doing my first track day at Rockingham as I'm only down the road.  Unfortunately my biking buddies aren't interested.    Are they something you can rock up to on your own?  Or is it all groups?  Id be on a road bike (zx6r g) with Dunlop RoadSmart tyres.  Would a road tyre be ok, Id be a complete track day novice with just a few years road experience?




Hi Charlie Alpha. Rocking up to a trackday on your own is perfectly fine. I like to go during the week as it is empty but my friends cant always make it. I just make friends there. Bikers are all normally friendly people. Dunlop Roadsmart are fine for your first trackday. You wont be going so fast that they will give you issues. I have even done track days on wet weather touring tyres.

Hi, Thanks for reply.  Gonna take the plunge and book it now, proper nervous tho 

Yeah it is nerve racking but trust me you will be fine. If you have ridden for a while and know how to handle a bike then you may even be too quick for group C and D. Those guys sit up and take corners very slowly. Judging by your bike and tyres, I think you will be all good and by then end of the day you will be scraping your knee  Just take it easy the first couple laps so your tires warm up and you get to know the track. I normally take at least 3 laps to warm up tires before trying to put my knee down.

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