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Euro track days

Hi guys, I'm flying to Europe next year and thought whilst I'm over, why not do a trackday! I've had a quick scout around track and I'm a bit concerned - obviously I'm not going to ship my bike from Aus and I'd rather take as little gear with me as possible. I'd probably take my helmet and gloves for hygiene reasons alone though... Anyone got some good experiences to share with bike and gear hire from any particular companies? Bike needs to 600cc bike. I'm not too fussed which track, was thinking silverstone as it's handy. I do want to knock off a gp track though. Happy looking at Spain tracks also... Really don't want to rock up to a track and not have decent gear or bike - would totally kill the fun.

Had this trouble myself in Feb.I was travelling around Spain for a month and wanted Spanish trackday companies to book with.I found out that the best one is todo circuito. You can take your pick of GP circuits as they list every company that's doing a trackday in Europe all year,mostly British or German outfits.I got good email response in English and some tel no's to ring. The British companies are usually all booked up in Spain but the others are ok and I found you could rock up on the day and get out,bit of a risk if you need a bike though.Sometimes they said I could only do one particular day,they usually book the track for 3-4 days,but with a bit of begging and telling them you are over from Oz they will prob be as cool with you as they were with me. Well worth planning your trip around prebooked days too,Jerez is fantastic and we'll worth the trip as there's a few tracks down there. In the Uk get booked up with focused events or no limits.I did it the opposite way round to you,I did 2 days at Phillip Island in Dec,it was amazing,dang cheap too.

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