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USA One way Tours

Can anyone suggest a good low cost reliable tour company that provides motorcycle hire on a one way basis in the usa ?


YesME!!!Just got back from Route 66 and taking a break from writing copy for the website very sad to see the demise of TWO although when it changed to VisorDown I think the end was getting near. Shame. If you flick through TWO from a few years back you will see half page features I did (and paid for) about touring in Europe, USA etc etc. Please do not think this is an excuse to sell you something - there are some p*ss taking operators over there in the States and you need to pointed to REPUTABLE companies.Where do you want to go?alastair

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i have used alastair in europe and mci were great ,, i have used hc travel in the states and would never use them again , when i had problems david grist did not want to know , DO NOT USE HC TRAVEL , YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED

I'd say not to use MCI, they weren't even slightly interested in taking our booking because we wanted a self guided tour.
Very arrogant rude woman said they weren't interested cause they couldn't make enough out of us! Her words not mine. Obviously the recession isn't hitting them.
Tried HC and they are interested and seem very helpful.

all of the tour company,s use eagle rider , they are the ones along with david grist at hc travel that refused to help me when they did there job wrong , all company,s are ok until something goes wrong , i was left on my own in the states to sort out the problems myself ,

Firstly, we'll be happy to help anyone with riding Route 66. We offer rentals, self-guided and guided tours, are the only Harley-Davidson authorized tour operator operating on Route 66, using Harley-Davidson authorized rental bikes, and not Eagleirder bikes. We have been sending riders down Rte 66 longer than any other UK or US tour or rental company (since the last century), our guide has now ben down Rte 66 well over 100 times and we are ATOL bonded and TTA members, again, the only UK company that offers such complete financial protection.  Mr Cole is, as usual, wrong with both of his comments. We offer authorized H-D rental bikes for all of our guided and self-guided tours. We work with Eaglerider separately on rentals because they have a very flexible system and good bike availablity. Further, Mr Cole was helped well beyond the call of duty or necessity during his last trip. There was nothing wrong with his bike, but because of cancelled bike deliveries from the factory, he was asked to take an altenative model, which he accepted quite happily. The next day he called me, rather than the rental location manager, and complained that he wasn't comfortable. I urged him to return the bike, so we could exchange it, but he refused (so how uncomfortable was he?!), and insisted that we chase him round the country trying to help him. Having spent many hundreds of dollars to help him and fitting new equipment to the bike to satisfy him, he then rejected this help. So we exchanged his bike. Bearing in mind there was no fault to the bike and that we did everything he asked of us, I fail to see why Mr Cole is making such misleading statements.

I never could understand why motorcyclists, of all people, pay someone to lead them around a country - any country.

<span style="color: #000000; font-family: Verdana, helvetica, Arial, sans-serif; font-size: 12px; text-align: left;">I'd say not to use MCI, they weren't even slightly interested in taking our booking because we wanted a self guided tour.<span style="border-style: initial; border-color: initial; border-image: initial; vertical-align: baseline; color: #000000; font-family: Verdana, helvetica, Arial, sans-serif; font-size: 12px; text-align: left; border-width: 0px; padding: 0px; margin: 0px;">

I like the way to travel

When I was working as a private guides in beijing I saw so many guy, who came to the city to ride on the perfrect roads. In Beijing there are a lot of services for each type of tourist, for motorcyclists as well, but unfortunately I don't know about USA

Why don't people do bike travel without paying someone a fortune for what you can do yourself better and cheaper? Are bikers becoming timid wimps?   It seems the spirit of freedom and adventure in biking is dead.

I did my first motorcycle tour in Italy with a tour company. I had never been to Italy (I'm from the US), Did not know the motorcycle laws and riding style. Did not know a good route and were to stay. The tour company did all the detail work. Bikes K1200RT, hotels, food, routes, maps, GPS and a guide with a van to cart around our luggage. We were in a group of seven, four bikes. After riding all day with the wife on the back it's great to get to the hotel with you luggage all ready there. A tour does all the planning and all you have to do is ride and enjoy the sites, which we stopped at often. Hugh haven ever done a tour in a foreign country that you don't even speak the language? Or don't know the laws? A guide sure does help. I'm thinking about going to th UK next and I might do a self guided tour now that a have a little experience.

I am very like!

I think you see it here from both sides. Accept that if a Company is going to spend three days planning and detailing an itinerary for you, they want some recompense for the effort expended. As you can see, a competent operator (and I include David Grist in this) will do their best to help and support you if things go wrong. Obviously it's easier on an escorted trip when you are there with the people. And that's why I am happier doing the escorted tours. You pays your money and make your choices. If you have not toured abroad before you WILL benefit hugely from the help and advice that you will receive. I ride 30,000 miles a year and love every minute of it. I just wish that sometimes our critics would give us credit for the expertise, training, indemnity insurance, bonding arrangements, language and organisational skills that we bring with us... We don't make a fortune out of this - we do it because we want to do it. But somehow and with some people a legitimate profit is not an entitlement. Would YOU work for nothing to be at others behest 24/7? Off soapbox now...

re mr grist hc travel ,  its such a shame when a good relationship goes wrong which is what i thought i had with david as i had used them twice before and had no probs , when i had a prob on my third trip mr grist or eagle rider would not help me until i refused to ride the bike , i had to take mr grist and hc travel to court and i won my case , like i said its a shame it got that far but mr grist and eagle rider in new york were found to be liars 

There are so many companies which can give you advise and answer of your query.

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