UK - Italy on way trip Advice

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UK - Italy on way trip Advice


I am looking to travel from North West UK to Italy, Via France and Switzerland.

I am looking at buying a cheap bike to do this 1500mile trip on, but which bike will be best?
Also, as im looking at doing a one way trip i would need to sell this bike and gear in Italy. Does anyone know how or where to do this?

Is it possible to rent a bike from the UK and drop it of in Italy?

Thanks For your help guys.

Renting a bike would be ridiculously expensive and I don't know of anyone who'd let you leave it in Italy. Selling a bike when you're there would be a pain in the arse and you're likely to get your pants pulled down in terms of what you get offered. I've shipped a bike back to the UK from Italy for £500. Something cheap like an RF600/900 would be a good bet.


I was thinking about buying a bike with little damage for less than 800. Fix ut up then sell I t. Wouldnt mind if I only got 400 back.

Bit to costly to send bike back.

Thanks again

Would you not have any friend who would be iterested in riding it back?  They could fly out and do the reverse trip.

Great idea double g.
I will ask around. Unless someone on here would be interested?

Re: your question. How long is a piece of string?   You give so few details that I think you are either lazy or limited.

Swinefever. I havnt got a clue what your on about as I never asked a question about distance you muppet.

I dont think I could of been any more clearler in my first post as to what I was looking for advice on. So I suggest leaving your crappy comments to some one who gives a sh! T.

I think what Swinefever is trying to say (unsuccesfully!) is there are a lot of questions in your question that you could, perhaps, break down as follows: 1. I am looking to travel from North West UK to Italy, Via France and Switzerland. a) When?  This will determine the route you take and the bike you need.  In winter you will be better on an adventure bike over a sports tourer. b) Taking how long?  Are you just riding there as fast as possible and having a play on the roads (sports bike/sports tourer) or are you wanting to take your time and explore the route there (tourer/sprts tourer) 2. Cheap bike?  How cheap?  Why not buy a more expensive and sell it - you may lose less on depreciation.  You need to do more research on this. 3. Kit.  I think you'll lose a lot of money selling your kit!  Again, research this - I can't see it being more expensive to fly it back than the money you'd lose trying to sell it. 4.  One way rental.  Google it!

Double is right that I said something absolutely right, but unsuccessfully. Look at his post and learn. Willya? I will avoid laying into you for your horrible attitude. Cos I am a biker and I lurv you.And your wife too.   I am so very busy with sex, drugs and motorbikes that I was too brief in my help to you. Innit?

You need to learn english swine and actually write a question rather than say imature things you little chav.

Double g. Thanks for responce
Travelling late july for 3 weeks.

Think ive solved bike issue. Have few friends willing to ride back from italy now.

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