Train to Italy ??

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Train to Italy ??

I have heard a story about someone who took the ferry to Amsterdam, and loaded his bike onto a train which took him to northern Italy (Lake Como/Garda area). I've search the web for train information and cant find anything. Does anyone know of a suitable train transport to do something like this.


I personally would'nt recommend it.Theres nothing like getting off of the Ferry and breaking you're self in gently to riding on the wrong side of the road.Whilst you'll be getting off of a train then straight into beserk Italian deathrace2006 traffic.

Do you mean the motorail?These may be a starting

Just joined today am going a week before italian gp was or maybe will ride down but will investigate train down yeah l know not a proper biker ha ha

the trains are specially booked and leave from Holland s'hertinbosch or something like that - good if you want to go distance overnight - personally I like the ride and never in such a rush to get A to B - it is called touring for a reason I am doing this trip myself in June, its about 300 quid one way, I am coming back through Switzerland. Good value really as it saves a day or even 2 riding, fuel and overnight costs plus you travel overnight so you'd be sleeping anyway places are limited for bikers around 25 per train so book early, you can go to Livorno or Allesandria or they also go to Croatia, good luck with it.

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