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Touring America

I'm a 17 year old college student in the UK, wanting to go touring the USA/canada in a gap year before I start university.

I need to wait until I am 19 (jan 2015) to upgrade to a larger cc engine in just over a year, and am looking to get something to ride that doesn't cost a fortune. Any reccomendations?

Secondly, which roads/areas do people suggest to ride?

Any reccomendations are much appreciated,



Assuming you are thinking about hiring a bike over there, you may find you will have to wait a few more years, think Eaglerider may be the youngest at 21, most ask for 25 and you would still be restricted on what they will let you hire if your license shows you haven't had the experiance to ride something large for a few years, always worth an email to them though

The most well know USA road is the famous historical Route 66.  It starts in Chicago, with nearby Indianapolis holding the famous "Brickyard" race each year and travels south west through the lake country and the mid west before passing through the deserts of Arizona and Nevada and ending in Los Angeles.  It is the original settlers route but is now mostly back roads with many ghost towns as the freeways took the prosperity elsewhere.  From there Route 101 is the lesser traveled coastal road which heads north through San Francisco on its way to Seattle.  Famous cities, towns and tourist destinations all the way.  Check out Billy Connelly's Route 66.  I did some of it years ago and intent to go back and do it all.

Seb- renting a bike at your age will be tough, maybe even impossible, and as obnoxious as this might sound, it's that way for good reason. However, if this is something you are seriously considering there are alternatives. One of your best option would be to buy a cheap used bike on Craigslist ( and then immediately advertise it for sale in the town you plan to finish your tour in. For less than $4000 US dollars, you could find a good condition 750-1400CC Japanese twin that would take across the country no bother.  As to roads, there are plenty. Do you want deserts, mountains, quaint coastal towns, flat endless plains? The list is endless...... Just don't come in the middle of winter!      

As Jack said, you'll have to wait a few more years for the usa and Canada i'm afraid but that shouldn't put you off riding Europe, Once your 18, Europe is your oyster and there is more than enough there to keep you occupied for many many years to come haha !! Just think...Lake Como...cote de tropez....Santander....Madrid.....Barcelona etc etc..ENJOY

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