Strange question about 2-up riding with GPS

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Strange question about 2-up riding with GPS

My wife and I ride 2-up frequently exploring western Germany, most times on routes we've never been on before. A couple weeks ago, my wife said that she wished she could see/operate the GPS while we're riding - this led to an idea she had. She asked if I'd ever seen a way to mount our Navigon to the back of my jacket.

I've done a bit of searching, but haven't seen anything. Anybody ever see anything like this? Perhaps some kind of velcro pouch or something.



I like the idea, but not seen anything to cater for it. No reason why you can't do it yourself though. Velcro is readily available; just sew a couple of strips to your jacket (the soft strip) and fix the hooked strips to a satnav pouch.

We do the same thing when touring using a waterproof map case from any outdoor shop slung round my neck and resting on my back. Works a treat and we share more of the journey. Friends call it the 'satnag' but only in a wisper.

Duct tape the GPS to the back of your jacket, inside a zip lock bag if you like.  Just be aware that the plastic film will make the touch screen less sensitive, if gloved fingers didn't make the touch screen difficult enough to use anyway.

My Mrs just held the sat nav and we followed directions on signs after a breakdown in Spain where we had an 80 mile trip to collect her bike and get back to mine

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