South Africa Touring

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South Africa Touring

Hello guys!


I recently (I say recently but it was 18 months ago now!) passed my test and had a little taste of a tour last year in Scotland with my brother, and we both loved it being out and about. For his 40th he wants us to go and tour South Africa into Botswana over a 2 week stint.


I am really buzzed to be going and we are looking at going with a company called Ride2Roam. We havent booked anything as of yet, but we have had a look at a website and filled in an application form, but there is just something niggling in the back of our minds before we hand over all that cash for the tour and all of our details.


I was just wondering if anyone on here had any experience of bike tours in South Africa or had heard anything about this company before we take the plunge and book it? Any advice would be greatly received.


Thanks in advance