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Satnav advice required

Just about to purchase a satnav for this year's grand tour. Can anyone tell me if the Tomtom has an audio outlet jack-socket as my intention is to use it in combination with my Autocom communicator.

Or is it better to scrap that method and go for dual Bluetooth system? (Or go with what Rydalong would advise, bin the lot and buy a new map!)

Thanks in anticipation

Jim S

Couldn't tell you about the Tomtom but as for a new map, never a bad idea to have one just in case as a back up but they are not much use in the dark when its pissing rain and you have no real idea where you are Only advice I will give is do not allow the GPS to tell you where to go, work out your own route and use the GPS to show you where you are, you don't have to ride through a ford just cause the unit tells you you have to go that way

i have been using a car garmin that is well out of date,but i have used it with a ram mount all over Europe and apart from a few power source problems have found it invaluable although i have always backed this up by checking on a map and knowing roughly where i'm heading for.currently looking to buy a bike specific one mainly because of the waterproofness of it.but my advise is at least have one packed just so you can check things like petrol stations etc.

I originally used a basic TomTom one which did'nt have a headphone socket. Have now replaced that with a TomTom 720 which has a socket. I've yet to see a satnav that doesn't suffer with glare to some degree so a basic set of headphones to fit inside of my helmet, a extension lead with volume control and I'm sorted. I'm using a Ultimate addons fork stem ball mount with "waterproof" case and the satnav controls all work through the clear screen, just a pain unzipping the case to switch it on/off. Off to France, Switzerland, Germany & Belgium thisa summer and will be using Tyretotravl software to build route to download to TomTom.   Will still take some maps though : )

Ok well i'm currently using the tomtom pro, which is not a bad little system but is a bit limited. There is no headphone socket and it doesn't have expandable memory. If you have the cash then i would reccomend the garmin 660 which a few of my friends are currently using and swear by. There's also lots of reviews on this product and and so far i have found very few negatives. Maps of course are a neccessity as is a good tank map case.

I'm using my Samsung Galaxy S3 with an Ultimate Addons stem mount and a set of Nokia Bluetooth earphones. In bright light it's not easy to see the map, but that doesn't matter as I just follow the audio directions. This system works fine for me and saved me the cost of a dedicated SatNav. I totally agree with Jack though that you shouldn't blindly follow any SatNav's instructions, so I always have some notes in the clear panel of my tank bag

Garmin Zumo here but given up on hearing instructions - just impossible at speed

I just got back from france,germany,netherlands and belgium riding with my tomtom rider pro europe and i have to admit it was perfect for what was required. Ok i made a hiccup and managed to delete germany  but the directions through france and the rest was on the spot and very rapid redirection if you make the odd goof. One thing i will suggest, if your taking a bluetooth headset then don't use the scala rider G4 my speakers crapped out after the first day and a half just before cologne, i was not amused and my mates did the same a day later !! The G9 from Scala Rider on the other hand that my other buddy was using was faultless throughout. if you do purchase the tomtom though make sure you order a charging dock with battery lead as it doesn't come with. the only downside i can find with tomtom is that the memory is not expandable which is a major pain in the ass with regards to mapping as it limits what you can use. Garmin whilst a lot more expensive is a seriously good piece of kit and will definitely be my next sat nav purchased.

I've got a Garmin Zumo 550 which you can hardwire or bluetooth. I'm using it wired with Autocom and works perfect. Plays mp3 off an sd card too. My opinion is hard wired is better as you don't have to charge devices. I've used the Zumo for years with no problems in vans, cars and on bikes. Changing vehicle and route types is a very useful function. I'd recommend the Zumo.

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