Riding in Spain - strict?

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Riding in Spain - strict?

Hi all, I'm thinking of venturing to Spain this year on the bike. Never been there before. What are the police like? In France these days they're super-tight. I have been caught a couple of times on the last two trips. Nightmare.

So what's Spain like?

I S`pose it depends on a few factors. Obviously how fast you like to ride, & judging by your OP you like to exceed the speed limit and are willing to accept the consequences. AFAIK the cops in Spain are just the same in France and will bust you in equally wallet busting fashion that the French cops do.Secondly, I`d also say it depends on where you & how you are riding, as to the treatment you`ll recieve if caught.The roads in Spain however are fantastic to ride so have fun & don`t get caught

"In France these days they're super-tight." Gotta disagree - that may be the case within 10 miles of the Channel Ports, or perhaps on some Major French Autoroutes but on the twisty 'N' and 'A' roads which France has in abundance, I've rarely seen a Gendarme.We go hooning around lots of areas of France without any problems whatsoever; just keep away from where they EXPECT you to go fast.BTW - Spain is no better - active speed traps on lots of their main connecting roads.

I am with redrooste on this one, Off the A roads and NR roads I rarely see the Gendarme, and on the odd occassion I have they have been pretty relaxed to Motorcycles, even more so to GB plated ones, Unless of course you happen to be riding like a tit then of course they will be interested in you. Recently here in france they have reduced the MotoGendarme by 35% as theor speed cameras are bringing in the revenue for them and these are mostly on the A roads and NR roads... Spain is very similar if you are riding safely not pushing their faces in it then they are relatively relaxed.At least in France and Spain they have not yet become infested with the gatso on every bend and streight bit of road, so i guess you will find the riding pretty much as it has always been, GREAT!

I have been riding in Spain 3 times over the past 5 years and never had any trouble with the cops there.  Things are more relaxed and especially in the northern, more remote and less touristy areas you will see very few cars and cops in general.  Actually, some of the regional tourist authorities in northern Spain publish guides to biking in the area, good roads/routes etc.  Bikers are encouraged and appreciated as some of the few foreign tourists in that part of spain.  Most bikers you meet will be British.I suggest you learn a little lingo, because there is very little English spoken away from the touristy parts.Roads are immense and the scenery is fantastic.  I recommend it to anyone.hope you have a great trip

I spent 9 days riding around North Spain last year, and I saw two police cars and two police bikes, both were in a fairly large town. I never saw any outside.Don't attempt to cross a solid white line, even to get to the other side (aka chicken or even garage). look for the broken part and cross there. They do sting harshly for crossing a solid so I was advised. hth\v/

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Don't attempt to cross a solid white line, even to get to the other side



Well..... A few years ago I was in northern Spain following a slow lorry with a police escort up the southern side of the Pyrenees. They cheerfully waved me over the solid line to pass the lot. Like everything else, there are exceptions.

Well that is a rather good exception.

I'd say worse than France.It's going to be the same procedure with on the spot fines but these guys prefer to lay more of a trap, so you're not going to find them in all the expected places. Attitudes to bikes are notably different too, whereas everyone in France appears to be your mate, including truck drivers... in Spain you're more likely to be ignored and given no road space. Bit of shit hole really, especially the Barcelona coastal route south.

I go along with the majority Spain about the same as France but stay on the A & B roads and you shouldn't have a problem.  Better still head into the Pyrenees cops haven't been invented there yet. Good luck!

I live in Gibraltar and have to say in the past couple of years they have gone a bit overboard. They have lots of hidden cars with more waiting for you further up the road at a roundabout if you get clocked. Expect a large fine if caught although at least these days they let you go to a cashpoint (used to take your bike if you couldn't pay on the spot and it was £5 per kph over the limit). In general though as long as you don't go mental passing cars (20kph more than them) you should be ok). I've driven up north around Barcelona a few times and never seen any traffic police.

I've ridden N. Spain Pyrenees area for years ... as a previous poster says, you rarely see cops in this area. And the roads are *fantastic*. The police you do see tend to set up a presence into and out of towns, rarely outside. We tend to ride briskly, 70-90mph on straight A roads, faster where possible on sweepers / twisties. Never been stopped. If you're in the Spanish Pyrenees, try the roads around Seu D'Urgell, Sort, Tremp, Belaguer, Solsona, Cardona - light traffic, fantastic road surfaces, good visibility.On one occasion we ventured further south towards Madrid. We came across a police car doing about 75-80mph in the middle of nowhere. we weren't sure about overtaking (A roads limit is 90kph, or about 55mph), so we hung back. A local came past us on a Fireblade doing about 130mph or so, straight past us and the police car. The cop car didn't react, so we blasted past him too. He wasn't interested.


Must have been Mr Roarke  with Tattoo in the police car

I have been riding in Spain for years and tempting fate it is very rare that you see a copper, so don't go daft in towns, the same as here and you should be Ok.On the other hand i was riding into Santander for the ferry two years ago and in the traffic some nugget bumped my pannier in his bmw z3 and nearly had me off, I shouted oih what are dong to which i got a mouthful of foreign my reply was, as he had bumped me i would bump him back with my crashbar oh f''''k after misjudging my little bump i cracked his front bumper, strangely enough he was a bit perplexed, and started jumping about like the spaniard he was, and i stupidly drove off, there was only about 6000 witnesses, anyway I was on the way to the ferry and i had 2 choices, ride straight home via France or go to the ferry in th meantime manwell was chasing me with his horn blairing, I stopped told him to step away and inspected the damage on his car, a canny scrape if i may sayso myself, anyway got back on bike and drove to ferry, he entered the port and screamed up to me with horn etc and attracting the attention of everybody i n spain jumped out and started shouting and jumping around like a twat, there were about 500 bikes waiting for the ferry and I became the centre of attention for awhile, the police were called and luckily they were bike cops, no english and I was doomed to miss the ferry and die in prison as he told his one sided story, after a while i showed one copper the tiny scrape on my pannier and bit hand waving etc, then they talked to the bloke, then breathalysed me and i was ok thank god, asked for my insurance which was ok, and the ferry was now nearly loaded, doomed i thought, as the pantomime went on, Luckily an english employee from Brittamy ferries wandered over and asked what the crack was, I explained the bump and my retaliation and he said hold on a bit the man was giving the coppers the speil yet again and the lad said he is saying that I had just attacked him in the traffic for no reason and did not mention himself bumping into me,strange that, anyway after a bit more rabbiting the english lad stepped in and in spanish explained the situation to the bike cops who turned on there native and give him shit for ten minutes, everybody in the meantime was on the ship and i was contemplating jail or the long ride through france on me jack, the lad butted into there conversation and asked if I the half guilty party could go and he said get your self away bonny lad or words to that effect so i was away with my best spanish to my accuser, gracias you grande bastardo, I think he got the jist, and i was on ferry, drinking a calmer downer in a jiffy, so the moral is don't retaliate and don't get bumped,   ps he didn't claim off insurance so I was lucky, unlucky but it makes a good story[b]www.ridemotorcycletours.com[/b]

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bsogri, you sure were unlucky with that tosser but as most have said the police do tend to shy away from the remote areas, in 2 trips there last year we didn't get bothered at all, the roads are amazing and the drivers seem a lot more aware of other road users/bikers in particular and try to get out of your way when ever possible. get over there when you can and just wind it in around the towns. 

I've been caught a few time. 60 euros a pop. Non of them for speeding. It's been parking, no light's on, and the other was a dock check. Left my licence in the flat in my sterling wallet. Changed that over when I got back. John933

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