Recommended Biker friendly places to stay in France 2015

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Recommended Biker friendly places to stay in France 2015

I am off on a few days touring in June 2015 with some biker buddies. About six of us in total.

I  am in need of advice on where to stay at the end of two days... Day one will be in Honfleur and one of the others in the group is doing this as he has stayed there before.

Day two will will end up in either Trebeslin or Hédé-Bazouges, France

Day three Alencon France then a dash home next day..

The end points on these days are not fixed so there is some flexibility on the final point for those days..

Anyone have any recommendations as to where we could stay on those days or point me to a web site that is good for places to stay that are bike friendly? I guess I could try tripadvisor but my head is telling me that it probably does not have biker friendly places.

All thoughts and help appreciated!

Many thanks.

We probably don't have enough room for 6 sleeping separately, and it's probably too late for you this time, but on another occasion we have a 3-bedroom gite that you'd be welcome to have. It's about 25 mins west of Alencon. Very reasonable rates, especially for fellow bikers! I'll send details if you're interested. bon voyage nigel

This is a great website with details on bike friendly accommodations.

I use Booking .com and have had no problems. Sometimes if you read the hotels reviews you might find some people like myself who have given bike friendly reviews. I've been offered secure parking and garage parking or right outside the main entrance doors at various locations often without extra charge. There are plenty of good biker friendly places to stay all over Europe.

avoid France....go to Santander....and bypass it!!

head for the verdon gorge.wont dissapoint

Well now they,r in avoid even more ...unless you want to look into the true European plan!!

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