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Please read before starting a new thread

Firstly, welcome to the Touring section.

We're aiming to keep this section as factual and immediately useful as possible. This means we're trying to keep it on-topic and focussed on Touring.

Please discuss vague touring ideas or experiences in the General forum.

Please organise the final touches to any public rideouts / tours in the Visordown Days Out section.

This section has been created so people can ask for direct advice.

Typical examples of threads that will be at home here, are:

  • Which hotel do you recommend I stay at around the Nurburgring

  • Belgium: What roads do I need to ride?
  • What do I need to pack for a 3 day tour of Wales?

Please do not be surprised if your thread is moved to the General forum is it is deemed off-topic. Also, if you consistently post off-topic material, you'll be blocked from using the Touring forum.


I am planning a month-long trip of east europe (within the new EU boundaries) to take in some of the former Yugoslavian countries. I have bought a Triumph Tiger 955i for the task. Any pointers on the best places to visit and stay would be helpfull. Does anyone have opinions on the suitability the Tiger? Also; I need a set of panniers for the trip; do you have any you wish to sell me?Cheers Clive

I am also planning a 4 week trip in eastern Europe in June :-Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland etc.If anybody has got any advice on good routes/roads, places to stay or visit and advice on any preperation required specificaly for touring eastern europe ie breakdown, insurance, local law then I would be very greatfull.Cheers john

i operate a small touring company that concentrates on your preferences. groups or individuals. tours or to be let loose...ride here as never before. info and details   all are welcome....benevenidos...donmobay  in the dominican republic    a time you will never forget...bikes, hotels,transfers   etc...

hey, i am taking a tour through the following places, France, Belgium, Germany and Italy.i would love to know if there is any great roads between these places that i have to take!  Also what are the legal requirements that have to be taken into account as i have read a lot of differing advice. so which of the following DO i need to have. high vis vest, first aid pack, spare light-bulbs.if you have any other tips or advice that would also be fantastic! happy touring!

Hi,I am a Canadian planning a solo trip through Germany, Austria, Northern Italy, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and back to Germany. I have accomodation picked out in Italy but I am looking for interesting Bed and Breakfasts in Austria and Switzerland.  If anyone can sugget something that would be great. I plan to rent a Yamaha 1300 in Ulm Germany

Great website with lots of interesting info.I enjoy touring on my Harley Davidson Road King Classic and keep a record of routes, hotels, restaurants, general costs etc on my blog www.theartofmotorcycletouring.blogspot.comI try to keep it updated, currently there are details of a recent five day trip to the Los Angeles/Mojave area on a rented Softail Heritage. I'm also entering details of a trip from the UK, through France to the Costa Blanca and return via Zaragosa and Bilbao. In two weeks, I'll be trying to do "live" blogs on a circular trip to The Netherlands and Belguim via Harwich and return Calais.Hope it might be of help to other bikers planning tours!

I also like to make a solo trip all all over the world, that is very cool, but it cost much, money, energy, and many other foctors.______________________________free video converter

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a good idea...

<span style="font-family: Verdana, helvetica, Arial, sans-serif; font-size: 12px; text-align: left; background-color: #eeeeee;">benevenidos.

Hi Peeps, i'm heading to france, belgium and germany for 5 days in august and i'm considering wearing a helmet cam for the duration. What i'd like to know is: 1: whats the best value for money camera out there ? 2: who's used one before and what were your experiences doing this ?

Oh yes..very on topic that!...I,m all for robbing the Bankers of their ill gotten gains .. but from the subtlety involved here I would say this is data trawling for people likely to be involved in card "crime"...  

Hi, i am off to the Moto GP in Jerez next year, it is my first tour on my Pan. Does anybody know of digs with secure parking in or around Santander. Any other tips i would be gratefull.  Cheers.

Ever travelers are looking for a safe  and experienced travel agencies in getting cheap cars for rent services.

hi has any one ridden from santander to albufeira if so could you recommend a good route i have two days to do this dont realy want to do all this on motorway many thanks  

Hi, I just signed up after spending over an hour on Visordown --- GREAT SITE! If you're looking for touring info in the Western US (California, Nevada, Arizona, Western Colorado, and Utah), take a look at my ride videos or send me a PM ... I've ridden just about every back road in these areas during the past 7+ years.  

Hello everyone. I've been looking for Motorcycle tours in Central America. And have found an interesting option. Has anyone done motorcycle tours with Garifuna Tours in Honduras? If so, please let me know, I'm very interested in touring soon. Their website is 

Hey everyone, touring with motorcycle is awesome and as a rider we need to have completely protected

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