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Normandy Tour

Hi there guys

I planning a 3-4 day trip to the Normandy D-Day landing beaches in france and wondered if anybody had any suggestions on places to visit cemetries/museums and B&B of where to stay where to eat etc, was thinking maybe around the Bayeux area but if someone has a better idea...

ride safe x

Oh and i was planning on going 1st week of september, good idea??

I have never been in September but at least the French will be back at work and most of the british heading back at the end of school hols.You could do a lot worse than using this as your base and take in some of the suggestions here.Paul

Got to agree with Paul there, Adrian could not help us enough when we made our visit the year before last, however he was fully booked when we went over last year.We are off to France next weekend , to the north  for our jaunt around  WW1, Mons and Le cateau concentrating on the beginning and the end of the first war

I too have stayed at 'Normandy Beach' and found it to be great 'bikey' accommodation.  Adrian the host is an enthusiastic 'nut' but he has lots of good ideas to make your stay pleasant and fun.Arromanches 360' theatre is worth a look - the film is quite moving, and the views from the cliff top where it is situated, are spectacular.  You get a good view of the remnants of the Mulberry Harbour too.  Arromanches little museum is very good.The Pegasus Bridge, near Ouistreham is not to be missed, and the little cafe should be open in Sept, which has lots of information about the landings and Parachute drop.I spend a lot of time on Tripadvisor, and suggest you look at their Normandy Forums to get some good ideas.  The Churchill Hotel at Bayeux gets lots of good mentions, they run their own tour to Le Mont St Michel, if you want an 'easy' bike-free day.  Also Bayeux is the 'kick-off' point for a lot of the D-Day orientated tour companies like Overlord and Battlebus, which you might like to consider.  I KNOW this is a bike forum, but I sometimes find that 'sightseeing' with a motorbike is a bit of a pain, not so much reaching your destination, but having to 'secure' your kit every time, and walkig about in leathers and boots can get a bit tiresome!!TA Normandy Forums

You could invest in Major & Mrs Holt's Battlefield Guide to D-Day, highly rated and gives a really good overview.  It would really help you to get a good idea of what to see, and an insight to many of the sites.You can buy it on Amazon, but you might be lucky enough to find it in your local library perhaps. & Mrs Holt

This is well worth the visit if you get this far from the beaches: to allow a day to look around.

Ste Mere Eglise, near Utah beach is quite interesting and the town has a trail you can follow with pictures of the town in the aftermath of the landings

Did it in May. Check out my slideshow. If you like what you see mail me. We stayed at Adrian's place. With hindsight I couldn't have planned a better tour! to do the breakout next year and round to Falaise.......

This is a MUST, when in the area, dabbzie.Bon route.

hi,are you still thinking of going. i am wanting to do the same trip so if you fancy a joint trip let me

Err Hi...

Spur of the moment I am on a 3 day Normandy trip ex Portsmouth / Caen -
out Thursday last / back late Sunday (Practise for a bigger trip next year), staying near Bayeux . Anyone else doing similar - let me know if u fancy meeting up. Cheers

Irrrve never held it's place in September but at least in france they is going to be back at your workplace and a lot in the british heading back by the end of faculty hols.

try they are the experts

Normandy is one of the great historical region of France. Giverny, Rouen, Impressionism and many more places are there. With the help of online portal, We can easily the related information and also about accommodations within a few seconds.  travel turkey  

This is the tour notes from the tour we do.   Day 1: Calais to Honfleur (Approx 170 miles) Arrival day in France.  We can offer a number of ferry options and depending on time of year and availability we may use the ‘EuroTunnel’.  The Dover - Calais or Eurotunnel crossing is included in the price; alternatively for a little bit extra we can organise a Portsmouth - Caen, Newhaven - Le Havre crossing etc. After a short spell on the motorway to get us out of Northern France, we head towards the coastal road.  Our first stop will be the pretty coastal town of Honfleur.  This town is a great place to stay.   Day 1: Honfleur to Arromanches (Approx 70 miles) The first days ride will take us along twisty rural roads through typical villages and great scenery.       The route to our hotel will take us past our first D-Day sites, including the famous PegasusBridge which was taken by the 6th British Airborne Division on the night of the 5th June and the Merville battery.  These airborne troops were the first to land in Normandy. Then its on to the coast road and past the beaches of Sword, Juno and Gold and up the cliffs overlooking Arromanches and the remains of the famous Mulberry harbour.  Here we will stop for a short while for a snack, coffee and to visit the 360 degree cinema.   Day 2: From Arromanches it is only a short distance to the infamous Omaha beach and the American cemetery.  Then onto Pointe Du Hoc where one of the most strenuous, dangerous, and demanding missions took place.    Day 3: ( Approx 228 miles) Quiet country roads through the beautiful countryside of Britanny, Normandy and Pays De Loire.  Passing Mont St Michel as we return to Arromanches. We  visit beautiful Dinan.  The medieval town on the hilltop has many fine old buildings, some of which date from the 13th century. The town retains a large section of the city walls, part of which can be walked round. Major historical attractions include the Jacobins Theatre dating from 1224, the flamboyant Gothic St Malo's Church, the Romanesque St Saviour's BasilicaDuchess Anne's Tower and the Château de Dinan. Day 4 will be spent mainly visiting the landing sites in more detail as well as visiting the museums as we wend our way back to the port. The base is the aforementioned  Normandy Beach  

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