My first euro tour

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My first euro tour

Hi ya all i have just started planning my first euro tour and want some advice.

To be honest i havent even started planning yet lol i dont even have a passport pmsl

i just wanna start with a long weekend to start off with as i will have the mrs on the back. i aint even to sure where i wanna go haha i just wanna go and exploor some new places see some rely amazing things eat some nice new food maybe a few cheeky local beers .

i rely wanna do something that will give the mrs have half to love for bikeing as i have. some rely nice roads nice views oh and ruffing it in a tent is not her idea of fun lol even if i love it lol.

has anyone got any ideas of where i can go maybe trip that someone has already done or has been told about.

ill be doing it on my fazer 1000 so she will be happy enough

cheers for any input tom

I have done many a tour and if it helps I have written a couple of ride reports of our trips which can be seen at check them out might gove you some ideas of where to go or indeed where not to go, tips on how to prepare you and the bike and of course your Mrs can be found here where you will find a comprehensive list of things to take, things to consider and what you are required to take by law in some countries.

If you are looking for suggestions of where to ride and what to see, well most of europe is biker friendly and anywhere you go will be a great experience, though in my oppinion you have to get half way down france to see the best biking roads, why not check out the cnetral massif as a starter not too tchnical for a first tripo but with the regions mountains, volanic park, the Dordogne river and the pictureseque chateaux, rocamadour, etc Puy Mary is where the Tour de France is riding this year also, you could combine a great biking holiday wth a bit of culture for the mrs gives some good ideas of places to visit

How long are have you got. As time will dictate how far you go. Northern France for the D day landing site's. Is a good few day's. A week try the south of France. You can get some good cheap clean hotel's. Wish you well.

Brittany isn't a bad choice for a weekend trip, far enough to get a taste for bike touring. This site may be useful to you.Don't hesitate, mate, riding in europe is easy and thoroughly enjoyable, a world apart from riding in blighty.

2 weeks can get you to milan and back passing the swiss alps looks amazing just planning it for myself now

Dont worry about foreign languages as English seems to be foreign to you also. This means wanna and lol - and hellish spelling throughout. You missed a lot of school. If your missus doesn't like tents well don't take her. Simple. Take yourself to Western France first if you're nervous about being 'abroad' - this is typical for English people, if you're English. You speak about going to Europe but you're already in Europe ; better get that right and say Continental Europe.

Why do ppl post replys 2 yrs afte the OP?  Seen this throughout these forums...don't understand. 

i think usa will be better choice because there are so many options will be avialable for this kind of trip.

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