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Mugello Moto GP

Just wondered if anyone here is going to Mugello and if any of you are staying at the Mugello Verde campsite or has anyone used this site before to give an idea of what it's like?

I'm flying over to meet friends at the race but they are staying in Florence so i'll be billy no mates at the campsite!!!

 If there is anyone who's staying there that would'nt mind me tagging along and having a few beers then it would be much appreciated



would say we'd come and join you mate but i've been told to not even think about comuting to and from the circuit as we're there for the full 3 days.. i have got it right that mugello verde is not part of the track camping ??Alan

Yes, the Mugello Verde is outside the circuit (Approx 5km) This was the closest I could find, is there camping at the circuit?? If so could you let me know the details? I will probably be on foot for this one so the closer ther better!!

as far as i know you can camp in the areas outside the circuit, think it's very similar to le-mans ( just a bit louder and wild !!! ) and it's free...

That sounds ok- especially as you are saying its free  That was the other problem with the Mugello Verde, they insisted on a minimum of a seven night stay which worked out at around 140 euros. All the other campsites in the surrounding areas seem the same. I think i'm just gonna head up towards the circuit on the Thursday and see how it pans out- if I can get freebie camping within walking distance of the circuit that would be great the only thing that concerns me is facilitys- is there any?? When you say the areas around the circuit is it just a case of pitching up somewhere random on verges or woodland ect?? just found this site... going to give them a ring and see what they say.. will let you know more when i find out....Alan.

Went to mugello when tt was cancelled,we camped inside the circuit for the weekend with no problems.Has the worlds biggest beer tent and plenty of small ones inside plus plenty to eat.On the sunday it is a nightmare leaving as all the motorhomes in italy seem to be trying to get out the place at the same time so could be worth stopping the sunday night. 

Just got this info from the website:ONLY CAMPERS INSIDE THE CIRCUITAccess inside the circuit is restricted to registered campers bearing the “Ingresso Camper” sticker available from advanced sales, as well as on-line and at the circuit entrance, according to availability. However, vans, cars and various other vehicles that are not campers will not be granted admission, even with the sticker.The only campers access is the Palagio Entrance. Motorcycles will be allowed, but only those of over 100 cc.How do you read that?? Looks like they are saying motorhomes only on there, defo think it would be worth the phone call just for them to comfirm there is camping available- thanks Alan.Kenny.

stupidly or not  ? i gave them a bell and in my best italian (accent ! ) they told me that campimg was included in the price of a ticket.. you only need a sticker if you want to take a camper van through and you can take a bike over 100cc in and park it next to your tent FOC.. well that sold it for me, we're going to aim to get there thursday so if you want to meet up and start an english pitch let me know ?? Alan

Nice One! Cheers for the info. I aim to get there Thursday evening also but i've only bought a two day ticket so i'll probably need to upgrade to a 3 day to get in to the circuit camping.....Feck! The original plan was just to take the two day option and chill on the Friday and have a look about the place, hmmm, i'll look into upgrading to a 3 Day ticket I think it's gonna be the best option.I'm up for the idea of an English Quarter in that campsite mate without a doubt..... I'll let you know when i'm fully sorted!!

Good to see a few brits heading down. My plans have come together at the last minute, so I am going to be riding all the way down on the Saturday. Looking forward to that 1,000 miles door to door The good news however is that I have a business meeting in Rome the following week, so work pay for the trip down.Roll on the GP weekend, and here's hoping for some cracking weather.Martin.

Martin, if you're campimg for the GP, you're more than welcome to join us ?? same goes for anyone going to the mugello GP.  beer is better drunk with people you can at least conversate with?? well to start with anyway. then i swear i'm fluent in any language.....

Shouba,Very kind offer thank you. I am not going to be staying at Mugello, just in and out for the day - because plans only came together at the last minute, I can only be there for raceday.Shame really, my schoolboy french could do with a bit of a beer-fuelled practice Martin.

Weve booked a camper van ticket and can only get a transit combi 7 seater van.  i phoned today who weve booked the tickets through. They phoned the circuit today to check if we'll get in with that to the camper site and i was told no problem.  We'll see when we arrive! long way to go from Scotland without a tent if we dont get in!  Anybody any experience of taking vehicles other than campervans into the ciruit?

Hi everyone - we are planning to go to Mugello this year with a campervan - did you guys have any problems last year? We are coming from Australia so I don't really want to get there and have to muck around trying to get in...

Is anyone riding from the UK to Mugello for this years MotoGP

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