Motorcycle Hire in Serbia (Belgrade)

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Motorcycle Hire in Serbia (Belgrade)

Does anyone know of a bike hire joint in Belgrade, I'm looking to hire two bikes in July for a couple of weeks looking around Serbia, with a probable jaunt down to the coast of Montenegro.

I've found a place in Sofia, which hires the right kind of bike (transalp/bmw RG/KTM type)but that's about as close as I can do.

Thanks in advance... 

hi, roads and drivers can be a laugh a minute out there, i know there are plenty of car hire firms which isnt helpfull.  try asking on horizonsunlimited  you may get a response from somekind soul incountry, serbs ive found to be a little bolshy particularly coppers !, croats romanesti and bulgars were more helpful, just dont claim to be a turk !

I'm going there this summer (2013) and I was wondering if you ended up renting a bike there, and how was your experience? Thanks.

If it's not too much truble for you, you can rent a motorcycle (or more) in Transylvania, Romania in the city of Turda (40 km away from Cluj Airport). You can have a great ride on Danube Gorges in order to reach Belgrad. The company is Adventure Motorcycle Tours - Transylvania Live. They have BMW motorcycles for rent (G650GS, F800GS and R1200GS) /forum/smilies/] Enjoy the adventure!

Motorcycle Hire in Serbia (Belgrade)

I know that information is way outdated, but it may help someone in the future. Check

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