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Morocco Motorcycle Expedition 2015


A trip of a lifetime.  These are no idle words – accompany us through the heart of Spain and then into North Africa for a tour through the Atlas Mountains.  No waiting in airport lounges, no long haul flights, no riding unfamiliar motorcycles.  This is an adventure which starts on day one; you will be riding your own motorcycle to another continent.  On this tour you will experience high mountain passes over the tallest mountain range in North Africa; beautiful windswept beaches; bivouac in the desert; chaotic souks and cities.  It really is a trip that many dream of but few actually do.



Day 1 – Portsmouth –Bilbao (Brittany Ferries 0 miles)

A trip down to Portsmouth to catch our ferry for the trip across the Bay of Biscay.   You will have approx 24 hrs to relax, have a few beers, look for whales in the Bay of Biscay, get some sleep and generally chill out before reaching the port of Bilbao. The ferries are excellent - everyone will have a cabin with shower.  Those of you who book the single room option will have their own cabin - those you have taken the shared option will share (2 to a cabin).  In the evening, there is plenty of entertainment including live cabaret, recent films in the cinema, numerous bars etc.

Day 2 – Bilbao to Segovia (230 miles approx)

Off the ferry in the morning and then due South over the beautiful Cantabria mountains towards Madrid.  This is an easy day on fabulous roads which will give us time to get back into riding a bike after the winter months (fair weather riders!!).  Our destination for the day will be Segovia in the foothills of the Guadarrama mountains, North of Madrid.  This fortified city is a ‘World Heritage Site’ with many historic landmarks including one of the world's best preserved Roman aqueducts and the fairytale-like Alcazar castle where Queen Isabel promised Christopher Columbus the funds to discover the New World.  Segovia is a beautiful town and we know some great bars!!


Day 3 – Segovia to Granada (340 miles approx)

Up relatively early (0800hrs) for our continued crossing of Central Spain.  Today’s route will take us around Madrid and through Toledo (yet another World Heritage Site!!).  Then we head due South and into the region of Andalucia and the Sierra Nevada for our overnight stay in the beautiful city of Granada.  The AlhambraPalace overlooking the city of Granada, stands out as the most famous example of Moorish architecture, and perhaps it is the most known Muslim construction all in all.  The sight of this magnificent structure should get us in the mood for our visit to Morocco.


Day 4– Granada to Tarifa to Chefchaouen (240 miles approx)

Day 4 and we will journey out of the Sierra Nevada and along the coastal roads past Malaga, Marbella, Gibraltar to the port of Tarifa.  We will take an afternoon crossing to Tangier.  The crossing takes about 1hr and there are 8 crossings a day.  We have made it to Africa.  The border crossing is typical of Africa - we would like to say that it is organised chaos - in reality it is just chaos but a great experience.  We won’t spend much time in Tangiers, instead we will head South-Westwards into the foothills of the Rif mountains.  The Rif mountains are very picturesque and the road that leads to out overnight stop in the town in Chefchaouen is a great introduction to Moroccan driving.  Our hotel in Chefchaouen is truly magical.  A traditional Riad where each room is unique and charming.

Will you be going as fare down as Tan Tan or Tiz Nit?

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