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more fuel please

My "touring " bike is an old 1997 Kawasaki VN1500-C2 (cruiser) fitted with a screen and some big Kappa panniers. Most things work for me so I'm happy with the bike, except for one thing.............the tank capacity, it's miniscule with a range if about 100 miles! I have seen the Tour Tank type thing from the USA but they are expensive and a pain to get here. So I'm thinking that there may be an answer here in the UK. Does anyone know, or have any ideas, what i can do to extend my range? I would like to roughly double the fuel storage so that would mean another 15L but anything would be good!

Get a decent bike designed for touring, and not the tart's handbag you have.    Or strap a jerrycan to the bike.

I would suggest get a HARLEY and enjoy the royal life. Similarity between a car accident lawyer and bikes is they both have to loose their patience after a while.

Of course Harleys and big dogs have one thing in common - they both like riding in the back of vans and pickup trucks.

Yeah, nicely put Hugh Jarse.

I carry 3 ltrs in two Primus fuel containers designed to carry petrol for camping stoves. You just need to find space for 10 of them

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