Light(est)weight touring motorcycle

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Light(est)weight touring motorcycle

Hi there, I'm planning on getting a motorcycle myself but I'm just not as acquaintance with the market as I'm sure you are.

Thing is I won't just go around the city with it but also try to make short trips around the country. Because of that, what I'm looking for is for a, first of all, lightweight motorcycle. But with which I could make those short trips without killing it too much.

Many thanks people!

PD: Sorry for my English, I'm not native ;v

Lightweight touring bike

Without checking weights for every touring bike out there (I'm having my dinner!) the Yamaha Tracer 700 has to be in the running for the lightest touring bike. Cheap too... here's a link to a review.

Have you got any kind of shortlist drawn up? Anything that catches your eye?

Honda CB500 F or X, Moto Guzzi 750

The smallest tourer cable of sustained €pean motorway speeds whist loaded is something the Honda CB500. However this will be a busy ride on the mountains. A Moto Guzzi 750 offers similar outright performance but in a more user friendly way, delivering a less busy and a sustainable progressive ride in the mountains.

Money issues

Yeah the Guzzi 750 was on my mind but I can't really go for those prices, I'm still a student ^^" I guess I should've said it before but I definitely can't go over 3000€.

I'll look up the Honda and the Yamaha though, thanks!!

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