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Since I moved to Portugal in October 2011, I've read that France has made it made it mandatory to wear a hi-viz top, not a bib but a full jacket with sleeves. Has anyone been pulled for this, please? I will probably be riding back to England for a holiday next year and could do without unnecessary interaction with the law there. 

Reading this it has been posponed for now

I've just returned from going up and down france.There was a relaxed atmosphere everywhere I went in the south.There was quite an active police presence around Rouen with police bikes in ditches waiting to pounce on speeding drivers and  police cars waiting at  the edge of roundabouts.I didnt get stopped.I think speeding is their main concern.

High viz isn't such the fashion item as it is in the UK. I've hardly seen any riders wearing it, or the proposed helmet stickers in the two years i've been living here. People aren't carrying two breathalysers either, or at least, none of the people I've spoken to.

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