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Yahoo's Aimless Shopping Spree Continues For the recently ended quarter, Yahoo (NASDAQ:YHOO), surprisingly, reported results that beat the market expectations. Since Marissa Mayer took over as the CEO of Yahoo, she has been focusing on building Yahoo through acquisitions. Most of their acquisitions are focused on adding talent and the market remains puzzled about their ability to monetize these deals. The market was looking for revenues of $1.05 billion with an EPS of $0.32.

During the quarter, display ad revenues fell 5% to $447 million. Display ads sold grew 24% over the year, but prices continued to fall and reported a 27% decline during the period. Yahoo Search ad revenues improved 4% to $452 million. The number of paid clicks remained flat, but price per click improved 17% over the year.

Mobile is becoming a big segment for Yahoo as it accounted for more than $200 million in revenues in the quarter. Yahoo expects mobile revenues to be more than $1.2 billion for the year. Yahoo and Tumblr combined reported growth of 17% to 550 million monthly users on mobile devices during the quarter. Yahoo acquired Tumblr last year for $1.1 billion. In return, the company is expected to deliver a comparatively modest $100 million in revenues by next year. Yahoo has not disclosed detailed financials pertaining to Tumblr. However, they did mention that they were looking at ways to recover their costs and were seeing an improvement in user engagement rates as users were now spending nearly 28 minutes on Tumblr compared with 22 minutes earlier.

For the current quarter, Yahoo projected revenues of $1.14 billion$1.18 billion. The Street was forecasting revenues of $1.166 billion for the quarter.

Yahoo Expanding Services Yahoo is investing in expanding their service offerings that are focused on mobile and content improvement. They have released several new mobile apps to improve the mobile user experience isabel marant shoes including upgrades for Yahoo Finance, Yahoo News Digest, and Yahoo Mail. For instance, for their Finance app, they updated the user interface and rebuilt the Android app to focus on the performance and news for the stocks that a user is interested in. The app users will be able to get realtime quotes for their stock watch list, news updates, and access interactive graphs.

Yahoo entered into a tieup with Samsung to enable Smart TV users with access to Yahoo Fantasy Football TV experience. They also released an NFLfocused app, NFL Now, across multiple devices including desktop, iPhone, and iPad. NFL Now allows users to access original content including match highlights and replays.