Is there an interesting route to the Black Forest?

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Is there an interesting route to the Black Forest?

Going there 26th June till 1st July. Want to avoid motorways and experience some decent roads en-route, also intend to take in The 'Ring for a lap while over there...

Anyone done the trip can give a few pointers? Good places to stay etc??


Look at a map of EuropePick some roads yourself that are not Autoroutes or Autobahns.  Research some of the towns and areas surrounding those routes - it's not difficult, if I can do it, then anyone can!!!You don't say where your start-point is, Boulogne? Calais? Dunkirque? (Cuxhaven I think is no more) Rotterdam???This website gives Lots of good biking routes within the Black Forest:

Cheers Essex, good websiteStarting from Calais this year. Past years we've chosen a few routes in the chosen region and used the auturoutes to get there fastThis year there's a much wider range of bikes going including a Dragstar and several nakeds hence blatting down the auturoutes isn't an option. It's the getting there advice I'm after

The D500 is a cool road to ride through

this is the cam site we stayed at

10/10 top cam site

The corner of France that sticks up into Belgium is nice, is it Ardeche or Ardennes, I can never remember.Pick up the river Mosel around Luxembourg, turn right at Koblenz, follow the East bank of the Rhine until it swings East at Bingen. Head South for the Black Forest (this stretch is boring).Do NOT stay at the dive that is the big campsite nearest the 'Ring.Contact one of the Ring trip organisers, or look at their web sites for info.  You need to get a ticket to ride, and the circuit is only open to the public at certain times.  And the ticket office opening and circuit opening times do not always match !--Mike

Not much intersting until you get to around charleroi.. If you are heading to teh ring, then drop down in the ardenne, and you can come up through Luxembourg to the Ring.. Form the Ring if you follow the B421 south across the MOsel, down towards Kaiserslautern on the 270  and then follow that to Karlsruhe..tehn jump on the B500 into teh Black Forest..

OK g00ner, I have sat down with my maps this evening to try and help, but it is not easy 'cos I'm not really sure exactly what you are looking for.  Although the journeys you desire can be done without using any autoroutes (except to get out of Calais - don't try this, believe me I have and it was a nightmare!) So I think you really are going to have to do some of this yourself. Calais to the Nurburgring is not easy without using some Autoroutes - they seem to criss cross most of Northern France and Belgium.You could try going on the N43 out of Calais and taking this down to Arras, then heading East via Cambrai but tbh you might just be better off doing some on Autoroutes at this point of your journey, going at a steady speed to accommodate all bikes and just 'get you there'From the Nurburgring, you could consider going to Koblenz and then down the Rhine, but even this takes in some large-ish roads.I think you need to sit down with your maps for a while, really, and see which roads interest you.  There are LOTS of great towns all over this bit of Northern France with WW1 links, and the Eiffel area, Mosel, Rhine, and Vosges are all great places to ride.If there's anywhere that you want to know more about, I have travelled in most (but not quite all) of these areas, so glad to help with any suggestions after that.(PS the 'dorint' seems to be most peoples choice for staying at the Nurburgring, but I have not stayed there myself.  I visited the ring as a 'day trip' when staying at Cochem on the Mosel)

Eifel Has 1 fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff Dorint is a 4&5 star gaff.. adn atmosphereless.. if that is a word.. lol

Sory that I carnt speldid say that I had not stayed at the Dorint, it was just a suggestion, no need to get so areated about it all

No worries..  just passing on local info.. the dorint is normally full of porsche driving, snotty nosed types.. if you know what I mean

Nice one, cheers Have maps now so plannings started, it's quite good fun tooOff to Paris area next month too, staying at La Croix Du Vieux Pont coming back via Sword beach etc....roll on summer

Anyone seen GPX files floating about for a Black Forest / Bavaria / Austria tour? Seems an obvious one to me, but can't seen to find anything 

Just point and go! have an idea of where you want to go and likely roads then wing it.  Some days you may get distracted and others you will want to make distance.  I set a time and look for B&B's.  Half the fun as you never know where you'll end up.

There's all you need posted from guys who know but another string I've used is 'Twisty Rides' .com. Don't trust their timings though, they can be wildly inaccurate. Have fun and remember the D roads in France are mostly better than our A roads. JK

Suggestion.  Just get to Sliders as fast as poss (autoroutes) but leaving to get on the 258 as soon a poss.  Then buy Brendan a beer and ask him to help you with your map

Day 1- Calais – Bastogne (210 miles approx) The usual ferry crossing from Dover – Calais, short briefing and then 90 miles of motorway before a short break for coffee and food.  Then its across country heading into Belgium and the wooded hills of the Ardennes.  For our first night we will be staying in the historic town of Bastogne – a lovely historic Belgium town made famous by the Battle of the Bulge   In the morning we will take a nice relaxed ride through the middle of Luxembourg.  Our route will take us through the beautiful Upper Sûre National Park before heading into Germany.  We will visit the famous Nurburgring (if it is open to the public you can purchase a ticket and ride the ring) - PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS ENTIRELY AT YOUR OWN RISK.  Our evenings destination will be the German side of the northern Vosges.  Kaiserslautern is a "city in the woods" in the midst of the Palatinate Forest, one of Germany's largest forest areas. K-town as it is frequently know, is a lively place – there is plenty to do in the evening! Day 3 – Kaiserslautern - Mulhouse  (180 miles approx) There is a good chance that some of you may have hangovers, Kaiserslautern is a lively city in the evening!  For today's ride we will be heading South through the northern part of the Vosges and into Baden Baden.  From there we will take the famous B500 through the Black Forest.  The B500 is a superb road especially if you are on a sports bike – great road surface, sweeping corners, good visibility – I am sure you get the idea!  We will be heading towards the Feldburg which at 4,900ft is the highest mountain in the area.  From the Feldburg we will use some really small twisty roads over the Rhine and back into France.   Day 4 – Mulhouse - Epernay  (220 miles approx) Twisty roads, stunning scenery, more twisty roads.  In the morning we will ride one of our favourite roads to the top of Le Grand Ballon (4,600ft).  From there we will follow the 'Routes de Cretes' to the Col de la Schucht ski station.  Time for a coffee and then its out of the mountains and into the Champagne region and our hotel in the heart of the champagne region.  Another good night awaits! Day 5 -  Epernay - Calais  (200 miles approx) Our final day – rather than jump on the motorway straight back to Calais, we prefer to take you cross country through the vineyards of this famous area of France.  We will follow the 'Champagne Tourist Route' through the heart of the vineyards and small villages which have remained unchanged for hundreds of years.  Heading north we will eventually join the motorway for the short ride to the port and home. Taken from one of my tours to give you some possible ideas

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